Stoner Progressive Rock from Vienna Austria

Gigs 2019

-Sept 27, European Researchers Night , University of Applied Arts Vienna
-April 12th, Yuri's Night, Natural History Museum, Vienna Austria, Friday

Flying around (2020)
In Orbit (2018-19)
Permanent Members:

Teo Ponomariov: Bass, Guitars, Synth
Paul Hauptmann: Drums
José Luis Preza: Guitars, Synth, Drum machine, Vocals

Tamer Aykac plays Cajon and Percussion sometimes with us

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Chill Out Selection

Chill Out Selection 2008-2018

Solo acoustic guitar

Solo guitar 2007-2018
. - Orbital Hotel Copyright José Luis Preza Diaz 2007-2020. All melodies by José Luis Preza Diaz. All rights reserved.
In the recordings above: All instruments played by José Luis, except Magnetic Field, Vibrations, Backdoor, Big Head, Through the window.

A nice view from Space (Nasa pic) Jose Luis Preza Diaz