instrumental music

Jose Luis Preza Diaz I compose these musical melodies. I play Bass, Guitar, and fiddle around with drum machines and synths.

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Orbital Hotel - Stoner Prog Rock

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Recent Gigs

April 13th, Lange Nacht der Forschung. Am Hof, Wien 17:00 til 23:00
April 23th, 24th and 25th, Science Festival Wissensdurst, Alma Galerie Wien 21:00 til 22:00

Chill Out Selection

Chill Out Selection 2008-2018

Approach (In Progress,
May 2018)

Disposed (Jan 2018)

Widen Horizons (Dec 2017)

easy going (Dec 2016)

Inner peace (9/2013)

Recuerdos (7/2012)

Walking Away (2/2011)


Bosquejos (Winter 2008)

Out of order (autumm 2008)

Brisa (Summer 2008)


Frivolous Time (Spring 2008) � Copyright Jose Luis Preza Diaz 2007-2017. All melodies by Jose Luis Preza. All rights reserved.