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Jose Luis Preza Diaz I work in the software industry since 1991. Areas of expertise include Analytics, BI, AI, Software Sales, Semantics, ERP/SCM, Data Management, Repositories (Documents, Research Data), J2EE, Enterprise Architecture, WaveMaker, Research Data. I have worked with companies and customers of all sorts, from Global Companies to Small 1 Person shops, primarily in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. I have also worked in Research and Academia at the University of Vienna and the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. You can find my work in,, and

I compose music and play guitar and bass (electric and acoustic). I am a member of the AKM (Austrian authors, composers and music publishers). I also take some photos once in a while. I collaborate for over 12 years now with the Cultural Integration Project from the Supermarket Chain in Vienna providing cooking lessons.

Currently, I work at in Vienna (Austria) in the areas of Analytics and Information Governance.

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Life as a Street Kid

During my teen years, I spent several years of my life on the streets of el salvador, while the country was in full civil war. It was a very difficult time, but I managed to leave the streets when I was like 18 years old.


Jose Luis Preza
I started to learn -on my own- to play guitar when I moved to Vienna in December 2001. Eventually, I started to make my own melodies.

Me and guitars (Solo)

Instrumental Guitar Music Project


Instrumental Music. Tamer Aykac (percussion) and Teo Ponomariov (Bass, Guitars)

Orbital Hotel:

Instrumental Progressive Rock

Entrevista/Interview with El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador)

El Diario de Hoy interviewed me via Video Skype in December 2015 (in Spanish). From Street vendor to design solar powered systems.

De vendedor de Cassettes a inventar dispositivos solares, con video

IBM Watson

Watson and Jose Luis Preza Diaz I have successfully implemented Watson APIs within the Phaidra Analytics platform for real time information enrichment of digital objects stored in a repository. I am invited to Keynote this integration in an upcoming Metadata Conference in June here at the University of Vienna and probably in Semantics Leipzig in September this year. IBM has expressed interest on this work as well.

2 Articles I wrote about Watson (April 2016, LinkedIn):

Watson for Information Enrichment and Better Search

Watson Analytics with El Salvador Data (Use Case)


In June 2015, my application was approved to participate in "THE Port”, a humanitarian Hackathon in CERN Geneve, where we invented and designed a Solar Device Prototype for the developing world (

Our Presentation (PDF), The Sunshine Crew!

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